SPECIAL FEATURE: Liste Art Fair Basel 2024

Featured Artists: Amedeo Polazzo, Cédric Eisenring, Adam Cruces, Ludovica Carbotta, Oscar Enberg, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Leelee Chan, Chris Oh, Cai Zebin, Laura Larraz, Zoe Williams, Siyi Li, Nooshin Askari, Nicola Martini, Matti Sumari, Naomi Gamarra, Christiane Blattmann, Ian Waelder, Nora Kapfer, Hélène Fauquet, Raissa Angeli, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Kaare Ruud, Ragini Bhow, Beth Collar, Kamil Dossar, Ludovic Sauvage, Victoria Palacios, Mona Filleul, Roger Muñoz, Hamza Badran, Justin Chance, Max Guy, Sevina Tzanou, Elīna Vītola, Peggy Chiang, Botond Keresztesi, Jannis Marwitz, Melissa Joseph, Dan Herschlein, Y. Malik Jalal, Emma McMillan, Machteld Rullens, Patricia Belli, Magnus Andersen, Sena Sasaki, Nils Alix Tabeling, Agata Ingarden, Paweł Olszewski, Louis Morlæ, Aymen Mbarki, Nidhal Chamekh, Yann Lacroix, Bex Massey, Nik Geene, Nina Hartmann, Madison Bycroft, Anousha Payne, Romane Chabrol, Lucas Erin, Len Schweder, Ivana de Vivanco, Abi Shehu, Linda Lach, Billie Clarken, Thea Moeller

Venue: Liste Art Fair Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Featured Exhibitors: Bel Ami, (Los Angeles), DREI (Cologne), Blue Velvet (Zurich), Bombon (Barcelona), Brunette Coleman (London), Callirrhoë (Athens), Capsule (Shanghai/Venice), Chris Sharp Gallery (Los Angeles), Ciaccia Levi (Paris/Milan), CIBRIÁN (San Sebastian), Clima (Milan), Coulisse Gallery (Stockholm), Crisis (Lima), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels/Zurich), diez (Amsterdam), Edouard Montassut (Paris), Galerie Lars Friedrich (Berlin), eins (Limasol), Femtensesse (Oslo), François Ghebaly (Los Angeles), Galerie Khoshbakht (Cologne), Wschód (Warsaw/New York), Galerie Valeria Cetraro (Paris), Gallery Vacancy (Shanghai), Gauli Zitter (Brussels), General Expenses (Mexico City), Gian Marco Casini Gallery (Livorno), Ginny on Frederick (London), Tara Downs (New York), Good Weather (North Little Rock/Chicago), Kendall Koppe (Glasgow), Kogo (Tartu), Laurel Gitlen (New York), Longtermhandstand (Budapest), Lucas Hirsch (Düsseldorf), Margot Samel (New York), Matthew Brown (New York), Murmurs (Los Angeles), PHILIPPZOLLINGER (Zurich), PAGE (NYC) (New York), Parallel Oaxaca (Oaxaca), palace enterprise (Copenhagen), petrine (Paris), Piktogram (Warsaw), Rose Easton (London), Selma Feriani (Tunis), Seventeen (London), Shore (Vienna), Silke Lindner (New York), sissi club (Marseille), Sperling (Munich), suns.works (Zurich), The Ryder (Madrid), Voloshyn Gallery (Kyiv/Miami), wanda gallery (Warsaw), Wonnerth Dejaco (Vienna)

Date: June 10 – 23, 2024

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists, galleries and Liste Art Fair Basel

VIDEO: in Conversation with June Crespo

This video, produced by Art Viewer, takes a journey through June Crespo’s oeuvre, including recent exhibitions and her working process. Over a year, we accompanied the artist to her studio, home, and foundry in the Basque Country, where she lives and works, and had conversations with her.

Since her beginnings, June Crespo has approached the expressive possibilities of materials, addressing themes such as corporeality, architecture, and the transformation of everyday objects. Her sculptures, often monumental and robust in appearance, are characterized by a balance between solidity and fragility that invites the viewer to reflect on the relationship between body and space.

In her works, Crespo usually keeps the traces of the process visible, such as the remains left during the casting or the natural textures of materials, thus highlighting the importance of the process in the final result. The artist turns industrial and everyday materials into sculptural forms that transcend their origin and invites us to re-read space and the object, playing with perceptions of weight, balance, and scale.

June Crespo (Pamplona, 1982) lives and works in Bilbao. Obtained her BFA from the Basque Country University (Bilbao) in 2005 and completed a two years residency at De Ateliers (Amsterdam) in 2017. Her solo shows include Vascular (2024) at Guggenheim Bilbao Museum; they saw their house turn into fields (2023) at CA2M, Madrid; Acts of Pulse (2022) at P420, Bologna; entre alguien y algo (2022) at CarrerasMugica, Bilbao; Am I an Object (2021) PA///KT (Amsterdam); Helmets (2020) Artium, Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art, Vitoria-Gasteiz; No Osso (2019) at Certain Lack of Coherence, Porto; Ser Dos (2017) and Cosa y tú (2015) at CarrerasMugica gallery in Bilbao. Recently her work has also been shown in group exhibitions such as L´écorce (2023) at CRAC-Alsace; The Milk of Dreams (2022) at Venice Biennale; Fata Morgana (2022) Jeu de Paume (Paris) and The Point of Sculpture (2021) at Fundación Miró (Barcelona).

Visual Essay: Yoan Sorin

We are happy to present a new series of visual essays by contemporary artists, specially designed for Art Viewer. Our first essay features Yoan Sorin’s work “Household,” in which the artist gives insights into the patterns he finds in his working processes and mechanisms.

Through an intimate and colorful approach, the artist creates capturing environments that resonate with personal meaning, utilizing materials and objects from the lives of friends and family that he uses to invoke their presence as witnesses to his work. For the artist, there is always a search between his intimacy and the place where his work takes shape.

We intend to bring you a new visual essay in each installment that reflects the diversity of artists’ work today.

Yoan Sorin is a French artist known for his multidisciplinary approach, incorporating sculpture, installation, and performance. He explores themes of identity, memory, and the human condition, often challenging viewers’ perceptions through his thought-provoking creations. Sorin’s work has been exhibited recently during the Anozero Biennial of Coimbra (Portugal) at Embajada (San Juan, Porto Rico), 14n61w (Fort de France, Martinique), 3bisf (Aix en Provence, France) and 40mcube (Rennes, France)

SPECIAL FEATURE: Art Brussels 2024 (Part 2)

Featured Artists: Cristina Mejías, Cristina Garrido, Jakob Brugge, Kristine Kemp, Rasmus Røhling, Anna van der Ploeg, Ettore Favini, I.W. Payne, Alessandro Polo, Pauline Guerrier, Sara Ludy, Molly Palmer, Peter Simpson, Tomas Dauksa, Andrius Zakarauskas, Vermont Coronel Jr., Troy Ignacio, Radek Szlaga, Nika Kutateladze, Diana Cepleanu, Mihail Șarpe, Nicholas Marschner

Featured Exhibitors: Alarcón Criado (Seville), The Goma (Madrid), C.C.C. (Copenhagen), Reservoir (Cape Town), Triangolo (Cremona), Galeria Foco (Lisbon), Office Impart (Berlin), AKINCI (Amsterdam), Ballon Rouge (Brussels), The Rooster Gallery (Vilnius), The Drawing Room (Manila), Leto (Warsaw), Artbeat (Tbilisi), Lutnița (Chișinău), Alice Amati (London)

Venue: Art Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Date: April 25 – 28, 2024

Photography: images courtesy of the artists, galleries and Art Brussels