An Account Of The Luck And Misfortunes Of at Etablissement d’en face

Artists: Agatha Wara, Anna Zacharoff, Anne Fellner, Cao Yu, Cecilia Bjartmar Hylta, Christiane Blattmann, Christophe De Rohan Chabot, Contemporary Art Writing Daily, Darren Bader, Edgars Gluhovs, Einar Mølmann Fuglem, Frank O’hara, George Rippon, Georgia Küng, Gina Folly, Gloria Hasnay, Hu Qingyan, Ian Rosen, Ilja Karilampi, Inka Meissner, Jannis Marwitz, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John M. Armleder, Josef Strau, Julie Peeters, Jurgen Ots, Karl Holmqvist, Kenny Schachter, Lors Délice, Lou Cantor, Lou-Anna Ulloa Del Rio, Luciana Janaqui, Mai-Thu Perret, Mania Godarzani Bakhtiari, Marie Karlberg, Marina Pinsky, Mathias Toubro, Michael Callies, Michael Van Den Abeele, Michiel Ceulers, Milena Langer, Mitchell Anderson, Monika Stricker, Nicolas Ponce, Olamiju Fajemisin, Pat Homse & Virginie Sistek, Philip Pilekjær, Sam Pulitzer, Samuel Haitz, Tyler Dobson, Valentin Cafuk, Veronika Dorosheva, Vincent Schmid Skretteberg, Yuki Okumura

Exhibition title: An Account Of The Luck And Misfortunes Of

Venue: Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, Belgium

Date: March 9 – April 7, 2024

Photography: ©Fabrice Schneider / all images courtesy of the artists and Etablissement d’en face

KELLY BAR at Cafè al 5


Artists: Martina Alemani, Enrico Boccioletti, Lucy Chinen, Rosa Ciano, Nina Cristante, Adam Cruces, Leon Eisermann, Michele Gabriele, Ilja Karilampi, Lucia Leuci, Kareem Lofty, Quintessa Matranga, Jan Broz & Richard Nikl, Ella Plevin, Fabio Santacroce, Anna Solal, Bianca Stoppani, Marco Tempesta. Pieter Vermeulen, Bruno Zhu

Exhibition title: KELLY BAR

Curated by: PANE

Venue: Cafè al 5, Milan, Italy

Date: January 13 – 17, 2016

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists and PANE, Milan



TRUST at Copenhagen Art Festival

Artists: Martin Erik Andersen, Felicia Atkinson, Jakup Auce, Elena Bajo, Jessica Baxter, Nina Beier, Maiken Bent, Ellen Cantor, Mikkel Carl, Cel Crabeels, Nanna Debois Buhl, Vava Dudu, Sophie Dupont, FOS, Ditte Gantriis, Sofie Haesaerts, Stei- nar Haga Christensen, Maj Hasager, Pernille Kapper Williams, Ilja Karilampi, A Kassen, Seyran Kirmizitoprak, Good Times and Nocturnal News, Emmanuelle … Read more

SPECIAL FEATURE: Selection of shows at 1857

22-Sunbathers II_1857
1857 is an artist-run exhibition space occupying a former lumberyard in Grønland, downtown Oslo. It was founded in 2010 by artists Steffen Håndlykken and Stian Eide Kluge, with graphic designers Eriksen / Brown as essential collaborators.

The space consists of a 280 m2 concrete factory hall, with raw concrete walls and 11 metres to a ceiling with beautiful skylights, which has been joined to an older wooden house with a storefront facing the street.

1857 aims to introduce young international artists to a Norwegian audience, and takes advantage of the high degree of freedom that comes from being an artist-run space in terms of how exhibitions are conceptualised, formulated and presented. There is an on-going conversation that runs through all of the shows about how to challenge or disregard conventions that prevail in institutional exhibition making. This approach has lead 1857 to open-ended collaborations with artists as well as characteristic exhibition designs, press releases and cocktails served on the openings.

03 Allison Katz_Tussie-mussie_1857