MASHA at Super Dakota

GL Rogier, 'Untitled', ca. 2000

Artists: John Cage, Lydia Gifford, Jan Groover, Yvonne Rainer, GL Rogier, Ariane Schick, Josh Tonsfeldt, Lawrence Weiner

Exhibition title: MASHA

Venue: Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium

Date: September 8 – October 31, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Super Dakota, Brussels

Masha exhibition view7

Lawrence Weiner, 'Le sable fin, le sable gros, le sable chaud, brought to rest at the same time & the same point & left to disperse after time', 2008

Ariane Schick at Super Dakota

Artist: Ariane Schick Exhibition title: Casual Throws Venue: Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium Date:  April 24 – May 23, 2015 Photography:  Isabelle Arthuis, images courtesy of the artist and Super Dakota, Brussels A selection of magazines have been laid out. Some are glossy, some matte, most are the same size and thickness.  Some differ.  Their pages slip from … Read more

Art Brussels: Super Dakota

Artists: Baptiste Caccia, Ariane Schick Venue: Super Dakota, Art Brussels, Brussels, Belgium Date:  April 24 – 27, 2015 Photography: Isabelle Arthuis, images courtesy of the artists and Super Dakota, Brussels Ariane Schick, Mister Strings, 2015 Baptiste Caccia, Croix sur Panneau n°10, 2015 Baptiste Caccia, Croix sur Panneau n°7, 2015 Ariane Schick, Vent, 2015

Unhide at Smart Objects

Artists: Conor Backman, Adam Cruces, Chadwick Gibson, Friedemann Heckel, Alexis Indris, Sara Ludy, Ariane Schick, Pascual Sisto, and Michael Stasis Exhibition title:  Unhide Venue:  Smart Objects, Los Angeles, US Date: February 27 – March 29, 2015 Photography: Images courtesy of the artists and Smart Objects, Los Angeles Smart Objects presents Unhide, an exhibition of works by Conor Backman, Adam Cruces, … Read more