MASHA at Super Dakota

GL Rogier, 'Untitled', ca. 2000

Artists: John Cage, Lydia Gifford, Jan Groover, Yvonne Rainer, GL Rogier, Ariane Schick, Josh Tonsfeldt, Lawrence Weiner

Exhibition title: MASHA

Venue: Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium

Date: September 8 – October 31, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Super Dakota, Brussels

– Let’s go to Flock’s, someone said.

They followed the crowd already halfway out of the apartment.
He didn’t like these smoky places, he felt like he knew them all. The same tepid liquors, the eternal conversations, the boredom.
She could get through the night without being concerned about time, and these places had a very different effect on her.
He would very much like to show off yet not be seen, aware of his failings as well as his virtues.
She liked to seduce him, and had all eyes been on her she would have deserved every single look.
Her mastered beauty had a devastating effect on men, she would have the bravest at her mercy in just one move.
He would observe this social spectacle filled with self-importance. She was the only thing that mattered to him.
She had such knowledge of the soul that she was always one step ahead of you.

– Taxi!

She rested her head on his shoulder, her heart full of enthusiasm hoping to defeat fate.
He stared out at the city, filled with melancholy, praying for this moment to last forever.
Lights were shooting past the passenger compartment.
They stayed there, petrified, as if destined for another world.
He was bearing the signs of a settled future.
She was reciprocating love’s promise of absolute happiness.

Masha is a collective exhibition underlining the narrative potential of art, and the singularity of our experience.
Including works John Cage (US 1912-1992), Lydia Gifford (UK b.1979), Jan Groover (US 1943-2012), Yvonne Rainer (US b.1934), GL Rogier (FR 1945-2009), Ariane Schick (UK b.1984), Josh Tonsfeldt (US b.1979) and Lawrence Weiner (US b.1942).

This exhibition is dedicated to Masha.

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Lawrence Weiner, 'Le sable fin, le sable gros, le sable chaud, brought to rest at the same time & the same point & left to disperse after time', 2008

Lawrence Weiner, Le sable fin, le sable gros, le sable chaud, brought to rest at the same time & the same point & left to disperse after time, 2008, Language + materials as referred to

Jan Groover, 'Untitled' 1978 - unique

Jan Groover, Untitled, 1978, Two chromogenic print + UV glass frame, 39,6 x 26,5 cm.

Jan Groover, 'Untitled', 1982 ed. 1-7

Jan Groover, Untitled, 1982, Platinum Palladium, ed. 1/7, 29,5 x 36,5 cm.

Lydia Gifford, 'Resistant', 2016

Lydia Gifford, Resistant, 2016, Steel, kaolin slip, wood, towel, cotton, cardboard, oil paint, string, 50 x 220 x 220 cm., 35 x 28 x 27 cm. (small piece)

Lydia Gifford, 'Tidal', 2016

Lydia Gifford, Tidal, 2016, Foam, cardboard, paint, paper, pulp, oil paint, pva glue, 98 x 67 cm.

Ariane Schick, 'Untitled (Loop', 2016

Ariane Schick, Untitled (Loop), 2016, aluminium, mirror, 80 x 95 x 16 cm.

Ariane Schick, 'Untitled (The Better Twin)', 2016

Ariane Schick, Untitled (The better twin), 2016, Wood, paint, sublimation print on organza, adhesive film, aluminium, mp3 file on mini SD and speaker, 17,5 x 26 x 176 cm.

Yvonne Rainer, 'Trio A (The mind is a muscle pt.1)', 1966 - performed by Yvonne Rainer 1978©

Yvonne Rainer, Trio A (The mind is a muscle pt. 1), 1966, Performed by Yvonne Rainer 1978 ©, Film 10:01 min.

GL Rogier, 'Untitled', ca. 2000

GL Rogier, Untitled, circa 2000, Oil on wood panel, 28 x 28 cm.

John Cage, '4'33-, 1952 - reedition of the proportional notation

John Cage, 4’33”, 1952, Reedition of the proportional notation