Ariane Schick at Super Dakota


Artist: Ariane Schick

Exhibition title: Casual Throws

Venue: Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium

Date:  April 24 – May 23, 2015

Photography:  Isabelle Arthuis, images courtesy of the artist and Super Dakota, Brussels

A selection of magazines have been laid out. Some are glossy, some matte, most are the same size and thickness. 

Some differ. 

Their pages slip from stylized to informal and back again.

One of them gets picked up.

News, latest trends, and lifestyles, get flicked through until attention turns to a glass of water being poured and a poster behind.

This doesn’t speak of the physical throws (perhaps it is a good thing to let the title stand alone and build its own relationships). The text here is more of a general attitude; but it also speaks of the magazines, a space between objects and images, the context when reading them, and the reception of images. These seem like good directions to take it in – likewise for the brevity.

It is shorter than what you usually see and this, of course, makes me think of a follow up text of a different nature: my initial feeling is that I don’t necessarily want that, which was why I was speaking of something that runs parallel, but I wonder if (if we do go with something like this) it wouldn’t be good to have another text that speaks of the work more directly? It really depends on how clearly things appear to the viewer. Of course there are other words that can be used to speak of the work – I guess the question is, should they be written down?

Ariane Schick was born in Ashford (UK) in 1984, she recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Recent exhibitions include Smart Object (Los Angeles), MOT International (London), Super Dakota (Brussels), Royal Academy (London).











Dressed the same from the Achilles tendon upwards (black and blue), 2015



Legs, 2015


Car, 2015


Casual Throws, 2015