The Empathy Lab at Jessica Silverman Gallery

Artists: Ross Bleckner, Tammy Rae Carland, Nick Cave, Judy Chicago, Kota Ezawa, Martha Friedman, Mika Horibuchi, Steffani Jemison, Bronwyn Katz, Ligia Lewis, Ari Marcopoulos, Maia Cruz Palileo, Lam Tung Pang, Eliot Porter, Rose B. Simpson, Maria Taniguchi

Exhibition title: The Empathy Lab

Venue: Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, US

Date: July 11 – August 24, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco

Altered After at Participant Inc

Artists: Julie Tolentino, Jason Simon, Jerry the Marble Faun, Manuel Solano, Raúl de Nieves, fierce pussy, Cookie Mueller, Kang Seung Lee, Ronald Lockett, Jonathan Molina-Garcia, Leslie Kaliades, Gail Thacker, Darrel Ellis, General Idea, XFR Collective

Exhibition title: Altered After

Curated by: Conrad Ventur for Visual Aids


Date: July 10 – August 18, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and PARTICIPANT INC

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