SPECIAL FEATURE: In Conversation with Skygolpe

On the occasion of the exhibition PCE: Post Concrete Era, currently on display at Nighttimestory, Art Viewer talks to artist Skygolpe about his latest exhibition, the processes, and the stories behind his work.

Skygolpe is one of the most relevant artists in the digital art space working with NTFs. His work has been exhibited in many international galleries and institutions, such as Palazzo Giustinian (Venice, IT), Villa Panza (Varese, IT), Christie’s NY, Art Basel Miami, Museo della Permanente (Milan, IT), Valuart (Lugano, CH), Galerie Widmer (Zurich, CH), Nighttimestory (USA).

His iconic, faceless portraits result from a unique process converging physical layers with digital components. His work is born out of the encounter with the digital world, incorporating the virtual and the material in a continuous and inseparable solution.

Through his work, Skygolpe offers in-depth commentary on the impact of technology on society and the human experience, opening up new ways of interpreting, using, and thinking about art through blockchain technology.