Skygolpe at various locations

Artist: Skygolpe

Exhibition title: NFTS ARE DEAD

Venue: intervention in various locations, Italy

Date: January 10, 2024 – on-going

Photography: copyright and courtesy of Skygolpe studio

“NFTs are dead”, is a provocation intended to stimulate reflection on the speed with which trends in the digital art world are perceived by the public. This statement, imbued with provocative immediacy, echoes the dialectic tension inherent in contradiction.

This work, exploring the future of digital art in a world that is constantly changing and whose future is decidedly impactful. The phrase ‘NFTs are dead’ emerges not as a denial but as an incitement, a provocative stimulus pushing us towards the liminal spaces of thought. In this provocation lies a strong principle of contradiction.

The juxtaposition of the ‘death’ of a medium as embryonic as NFTs presents such a striking paradox that it’s like witnessing the birth of a star and declaring it extinguished. In a digital age where even our identities find a mirror existence in bits and bytes, the declaration of death becomes a philosophical conundrum. Contrary to appearances, the textual work is not a critique of the medium, but an invitation to look beyond the horizon of the present.

In a world increasingly dominated by digitalization, where virtually every aspect of our lives from communication to identity finds its parallel in the digital realm, it’s almost unthinkable that art, a fundamental expression of human experience, wouldn’t embrace this transformation. This move to digital mediums, especially evident in the rise of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), marks a significant shift in how we conceive and interact with art.

The concept of this work was first introduced by Skygolpe during his solo show at FOUNDRY in Dubai, 15.11.23 / 07.01.24.