July, August, September at Hospitality

Artist: Yuji Agematsu, Nairy Baghramian, Phyllida Barlow, Eva Barto, Patricia L. Boyd, Moyra Davey, Marc De Blieck, Gust Duchateau, Jan Paul Evers , Terry Fox, Heike Geissler, David Horvitz, Flint Jamison, Yuki Okumura, Sarah Ortmeyer, Phung Tien Phan, Oksana Pasaiko, Jean -Marie Perdrix,  Michail Pirgelis, Shimabuku, Michael E. Smith, Ko Sin Tung

Exhibition title: July, August, September

Organized by: Carla Donauer and Martin Germann

Venue: Hospitality, Cologne, Germany

Date: July 23 – September 24, 2021

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Hospitality, Cologne