Slow Dance (3) at Stadtgalerie Bern

Artists: Gretchen Bender, Patricia L. Boyd, Laurence Burt, Adriano Costa, Mark Fell, Aurelia Guo, Jac Leirner, Alan Michael, Pharmaceutical Clocks, Emanuel Rossetti, Coumba Samba, Philipp Simon, Bri Williams

Exhibition title: Slow Dance (3)

Curated by: Luca Beeler & Richard Sides

Venue: Stadtgalerie Bern, Bern, Switzerland

Date: May 19 – June 24, 2023

Photography: Studio Mussano / all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Stadtgalerie, Bern



Artists: ÅYR, Vanessa Billy, Raphael Hefti, Paul Kneale, Laura McLean-Ferris, Marlie Mul, Publishing House with Juliette Blightman, Sophie Collins & Rachael Allen, Keren Cytter, Hamishi Farah, Penny Goring, Aurelia Guo, E. Jane, Maggie Lee, Ken Okiishi, Tabita Rezaire, Diamond Stingily, Haroon Mirza, Paul Pieroni & Holly White, Laure Prouvost, Megan Rooney, Dan Solbach with Bruno Aeberli, Sarah Colman, Isaac Contreras, Brieg Huon, Aurélien Martin, Julia Tcharfas, Richard Wentworth

Exhibition title: PROJECT 1049

Curated by: Raphael Hefti and Paul Kneale

Venue: various locations in The Gstaad region, Bernese alps, Switzerland

Date: July 27 – August 21, 2016

Photography: Marc Asekame, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and PROJECT 1049