a re:trospective at Pfizer Pharmaceutical Factory

Artists: Tai Cruz, Pastiche Lumumba, MODUS, Precious Okoyomon, Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi, Redeem Pettaway, Rafla Santana, Marcus Scott Williams, manuel arturo abreu, home school

Exhibition title: a re:trospective

Curated by: home school

Venue: Pfizer Pharmaceutical Factory, Brooklyn, New York, US

Date: November 3 – December 2, 2018

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists

Note: Exhibition booklet can be found here

Between one life and another
There is a brittle pitch
Painted burgundy and ochre
At a bleeding clip to winter

All the moments mapped in our hearts to be relived
With half myself destroyed I’d rather die alone

Cloud swaps white on grey overcast skirt
In a steady gait from autumn
This poem consists of the last thing
you forgot

home school is excited to announce a re:trospective, opening 3 Nov 2018 6-lOp, in collaboration with Re: Art Show, a recurrent group show currently housed in the now-defunct portions of the former Pzifer Phannaceutical factory in Brooklyn.

For the 24th iteration of the Re:Art Show, home school has curated eight emerging artists who will each present quasi-solo retrospectives of their work. The show features Tai Cruz, Pastiche Lumumba,

MODUS, Precious Okoyomon, Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi, Redeem Pettaway, Rafla Santana, Marcus Scott Williams, and home school co-facilitator manuel arturo abreu.

An emergent property is a property which a system has, but which its individual members do not. Where do emerging artists ’emerge’ from? Who is allowed, and who remains un-emerged (submerged) in the nameless mass? Is it necessarily desirable to leave the mass like this? There may be a possibility of engaging the retrospective concept without, or with less marketization, as a way to work through this dynamic of emergence. The retrospective is a kind of market readymade, but to survey the totality of one’s own practice as a younger or lesser-known artist is a way to explore the work of memory, a living thing taking new shapes in tandem with the unfolding present.

home school is a free pop-up art school in Portland, OR run by Victoria Anne Reis and manuel arturo abreu. It provides welcoming contexts for critical engagement with contemporary art and its issues, with a multimedia curriculum whose pedagogy honors the casual rigor of the etymology of’school,’ from the Greek shkole, ‘spare time, leisure, idleness, rest. ‘The 2018 curriculum receives support from a Precipice Fund grant funded by the Calligrarn Foundation/ Allie Furlotti and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, as well as a Rhizome Net Art Microgrant.

Re: Art Show is an ongoing, rent-free, organizer-funded group show. It aims to be an accessible model for those who want to stage their own exhibitions, but may not have the funds or professional network required to do so in a designated art space. Re: Art Show is also a method for organizers to better consider their audience, their community, and how a DIY art-show affects the people around them.