US at Swimming Pool

Participants: I: Project Space (Beijing), Jenifer Nails (Frankfurt), Lambdalambdalambda (Pristina), Life Sport (Athens), Linda (Sofia), Opening Times (London), Peach (Rotterdam),
The Green Parrot (Barcelona) Exhibition title: us Curated by: Viktoria Draganova Venue: Swimming Pool , Sofia, Bulgaria Date: November 7 – November 29, 2015 Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Swimming Pool Note: Exhibition text can be found here … Read more

Artun Alaska Arasli and Brendan Jaks at Jenifer Nails

Artists:  Artun Alaska Arasli and Brendan Jaks Exhibition title: The Elephant In Te Shipping Room (Simply Wild) Venue: Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt, Germany Date:  June 13 – July 25, 2015 Photography: Images courtesy of the artists and Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt Yesterday the reason why Assholes were removed from one’s vision Was body’s perfection But what keeps us … Read more

Smoothie Conference at Jenifer Nails

Artists: Tina Braegger, Cédric Eisenring, Katharina Fengler, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Sam Korman, Carlos Reyes, Edo Rosenblith Exhibition title:  Smoothie Conference Presented by: Amy Granat and Annina Herzer Venue: Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt, Germany Date:  April 11 – May 23, 2015 Photography: images courtesy of the artists and Jenifer Nails Art On The Moon Sam Korman It’s fun to think … Read more