Michael E. Smith at De Appel

Artist: Michael E. Smith Venue: De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Date: July 11 — August 30, 2015  Photography: Cassander Eeftick Schattenkerk, images copyright and courtesy of the artist and De Appel, Amsterdam It’s unsettling – but what is it?” is the simple question often provoked by the work of Michael E. Smith. Smith makes objects and … Read more

SPECIAL FEATURE: De Appel Curatorial Programme

The final project of the Curatorial Programme 2014 – 2015 at de Appel arts centre opened with two exhibitions: Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell and Your Time Is Not My Time.

Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell emerges in the spaces between the linguistic and associative relations of the notions of the spell and the spelling. The exhibition investigates various facets and rituals dealing with voluntary, involuntary and removed memory of the author, the visitors and the artworks themselves. Many ways of unfolding references, sources, stories and histories behind the objects are explored within the exhibition.

Your Time Is Not My Time lays the question of blurred boundaries between viewer, author and user within the current habitual fear of missing out and hyper-circulation of images. The exhibition uncovers a thorough pace and tacit admission within the changing lexicon of the public sphere, data-driven economies and forms of usership.

Ola Lanko