Philipp Schwalb at KIRCHGASSE

Artist: Philipp Schwalb

Exhibition title: DIE GIFT BORN

Venue: KIRCHGASSE, Steckborn, Switzerland

Date: August 28 – October 17, 2021

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist and KIRCHGASSE, Steckborn

“Now I am in the artist-year 14. Born 2 multiplied by 7 years ago. Recently I went through puberty in New York City. My change of teeth started 7 years ago. I left Hamburg at that time. I lived there for 7 years. Our daughter arrived. Then relocated to Switzerland, went to Lake Constance again and again. Moved 3 times in 5.5 years. Our son arrived. Then NYC. Abruptly departed. Privileges. Pandemic in Bavaria and Berlin. Then back to NYC, now in Rotterdam. Paradigms fall into life and daily routine. A game?

DIE GIFT BORN are five simultaneous exhibition attempts in which I fictionally embed what I do in my personal-social context and real-social environment.

I try to think of exhibitions according to my interests, preferences and inclinations – like a bookshelf or a campfire reflecting wishes. Such a wish came true in my last exhibition here ̒ O ich T’ and the Steckborn convention that ran parallel. I felt a connection between my paintings and my image of what is historis- tically called the Renaissance. Perhaps a connection of images with images of other times, also future, and places, also non-terrestrial. A colorful and personal experience. A vague memory of how images fit into a social structure. Possibly the images had a meaningful relationship with their surroundings, even if decorative or intended for only a few.

This intimate sense of togetherness, of the social, and thus an inspiring or learning exchange is what I wish for today.”

Excerpt from: ̒ DIE GIFT BORN’, Philipp Schwalb (*28.8.1984 in Filderstadt)