Adrien Vescovi at Nosbaum Reding Projects

01.Adrien Vescovi. Nosbaum Reding Projects, 2015

Artist: Adrien Vescovi

Exhibition title: 3XL-DSCN1989

Venue: Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg

Date: July 4– August 14, 2015

Photography: images courtesy of the artist and Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg

The painting is foldable, does fold on itself.

The bench is stable, do sit on it.

“3XL-DSCN1989” stands for; “three times eXtra Large”
plus “Digital Still Capture Nikon number 1989.”

Adrien Vescovi makes paintings by exposing multiple fabrics to outdoor conditions; the weather then causes several processes on the textile: like Sun-whitening and ripping, and dye will drop and leak in between fabrics. Time makes paintings, or might the Earth have made the paintings? We are the new hippies, is a nice way to say it. Adrien crafts the stretcher for his paintings, that now include elements of carpentry, such as the hinges of a window or a door; there is a bench from where to look at the painting. Hugs.

02.Adrien Vescovi. Nosbaum Reding Projects, 2015

03.Adrien Vescovi. Nosbaum Reding Projects, 2015