COLLECTION n°9 RAPIDO, RAPIDO at Camping Domaine Le Midi

Artists: Martin Belou, Pierre Clément, Julie Escoffier, Laura Gozlan, Gregor Hildebrandt, Ella Mievovsky, Fay Nicolson, Adrien Vescovi, Marnie Weber

Exhibition title: COLLECTION n°9 RAPIDO, RAPIDO

Curated by: Christel Montury and Fabien Villon

Organized by: INTERIOR and the collectors

Venue: Camping Domaine Le Midi, Barbâtre, Noirmoutier Island, France

Date: August 8 – 31, 2018

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists

Interior and the collectors is pleased to present COLLECTION N°9, RAPIDO, RAPIDO, a new group show in a vintage folding carvan at Camping Domaine Le Midi, Barbâtre, Noirmoutier Island (fr).

Few month ago, we found a 70’s folding caravan, the Rapido. It’s a mythical model, awar-ded at the french Lépine contest for its astute deployment. Inside it, we showcase a new summer show at a campsite on the Atlantic coast. We use this temporary habitat to develop an exhibition with limited space constraints. The project is set up between a tiny house and a traveling museum. All available spaces are used, the structure of the caravan, camping materials (canvas, foldable and removable furniture, extra light…) and the natural environment. Exhibiting in a campsite is a way to show art into a context in which the public is not used to experiencing it.

A campsite is like a village, with its paths, its infrastructure, its rules and its specificities.

Our space has the same look as any other homes. By integrating it into this ephemeral life, we affect the inhabitants within their own habitat, offering them the possibility of reap-propriating works with more freedom than in a museum space. There is no theme, only the constraints of space guide the different proposals. Nevertheless, all the works are in connection with the idea of a​ journey, an initiation rite, transformation and time passing.