Zoe Barcza at Shoot the Lobster

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_002 FULL

Artist: Zoe Barcza

Exhibition title:  International Loner

Venue: Shoot the Lobster, New York, US

Date:  May 31 – June 21, 2015

Photography: images courtesy of the artist and Shoot the Lobster, New York

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_001 FULL

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_002 FULL

International Loner, 2015

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_003 FULL

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_004 FULL

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_005 FULL

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_006 FULL

ZoeBarcza_InstallView_007 FULL

BRZ_15_002 FULL cropped

Animorphs.S01E13.The.Forgotten, 2015

BRZ_15_002 FULL

Animorphs.S01E13.The.Forgotten, 2015

BRZ_15_003 FULL

Animorphs.S01E14.The.Leader.Pt.1, 2015

BRZ_15_004 FULL

Animorphs.S01.E10.TheCapture.Pt.2, 2015

BRZ_15_005 FULL

Animorphs.S01E011.The.Reaction, 2015

BRZ_15_006 FULL

Animorphs.S01.E09.The.Capture.Pt.1, 2015

BRZ_15_007 FULL

Animorphs.S01E12.The.Stranger, 2015

BRZ_15_008 FULL

Animorphs.S01E16.Tobias, 2015

BRZ_15_009 FULL

Animorphs.S01E17.Not.My.Problem, 2015