Veronika Hilger at SPERLING

Artist: Veronika Hilger


Venue: SPERLING, Munich, Germany

Date: February 15 – March 23, 2019

Photography: ©the artist. Courtesy of SPERLING, Munich. Photos by Sebastian Kissel

Our view takes us along. Along into the pictures – or outside. We don’t know for sure if we are outside or inside, but we know that we are watching, that our view is put into question – in front of the pictures by Veronika Hilger. Is that non-representational art? But we have the impression that this is a view? A vision, supervision? That there are pictures which hide while being watched. Or put themselves together in a new way. Surface and room that don’t dissolve in illusion. A glance, once again. Suppose, that it isn’t clear. And exactly in this way many things come in sight. Like that, it connects up to the traditions of landscape painting – right from the palette in which unmixed primary colours are found rarely – but at the same time to interior, still-life, portrait. And there are also references to sculptures. Framed with a shadow gap – a world of its own. It keeps among itself and yet it establishes a relation. Provokes something. What do pictures have that you have to watch them all over again? And that’s why they are there. That your view refreshes even if it strolls somewhere else. That you notice you are watching. But I’ll go outside now! The landscape is changing.

By Nikolai Vogel, 2019
Translated by Kilian Fitzpatrick

Veronika Hilger, born 1981 in Rosenheim, lives and works in Munich. She was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in the class of Axel Kasseböhmer and was honored “Meisterschülerin“ by Jean-Marc Bustamante. After graduating in 2014 she received the award from the Erwin and Gisela von Steiner Foundation as well as a studio grant by the city council Munich. Veronika Hilger’s works are part of numerous private and public collections, including the German Federal Collection, the Kunsthalle Bielefeld and the Munich Re Collection. Her works were last presented in the frame of the exhibition “Finir er Beauté” at Galerie der Künstler in Munich and at the Kunsthalle Bielefeld as part of their 50th anniversary exhibition “Bilder einer Sammlung – 50 Jahre Kunsthalle Bielefeld”.