GREATEST HITS at Museo Apparente

Artists: Rachel de Joode, Marco Bruzzone, Giulio Delvè, Michele Di Menna, Marco Zezza, Katharina Fengler, Internationale Surplace, Renato Leotta, Jonatah Manno, Nick Oberthaler, Stefan Thater Exhibition title: Greatest Hits Text and lecture by: Cristiano de Maj Venue: Museo Apparente, Naples, Italy Date: December 27, 2014 – February 10, 2015 Photography: Courtesy of Museo Apparente Museo Apparente is … Read more

Cheng Ran at Armada

Artist: Cheng Ran Exhibition title: Always I Trust Venue: Armada, Milan, Italy Date: October 22 – November 23, 2014 Photography: Courtesy of Armada armada is pleased to announce the opening of its new space with the first solo exhibition in Italy by Cheng Ran. Titled “Always I Trust,” the exhibition includes video works Always I Trust … Read more

Tufo at Gasconade

Artists: Gianluca Belloni, Daniele Milvio, Matteo Pomati Exhibition title: Tufo Venue: Gasconade, Milan, Italy Date: May 9 – June 7, 2014 Photography: Courtesy of Gasconade “Tufo” [Tuff] presents a group of recent art works by Gianluca Belloni (b. 1991; lives in Milan), Daniele Milvio (b. 1988; lives in Rome) and Matteo Pomati (b. 1989; lives … Read more