Stephanie Hier and Larissa Lockshin at Three Four Three Four


Artists: Stephanie Hier and Larissa Lockshin

Exhibition title: Bone Dry

Venue: Three Four Three Four, New York, US

Date: February 20 – April 16, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Three Four Three Four

Three Four Three Four is pleased to present “Bone Dry”, a two person show by Stephanie Hier & Larissa Lockshin.

“Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for.” -Shirley Bassey

I remember a tale of groundlings who shed faster than rumblings of a long night’s flame kissing Eaaarth eternal, Eaaarth most holy. After every soul spoke of routine did an oxblood quickness overtake an enveloping greystricken horizon. Approaching awe twisted in rotating knots until each night became a candlestick longer, turn, turn, turn. Here come mineral and transfiguration glued to tongues heavy with ‘they said, they said’:

“Burn them. Drown them. Weigh them down in alabaster.
Gems scream even through the densest of bruisetainted
over desert Temptation walks where drummers exist at a tortoise tempo.
Places of crackling silt then no banging.
No cattle skulls to break vision.
More gravel and whispers until every drop can become something to write home about.”



LARISSA LOCKSHIN (b.1992, Toronto) lives and works in Queens, NY. Lockshin has exhibited extensively in New York and Europe, including solo and two person shows at Vogt Gallery, NY, East Hampton Shed, NY and Albert Baronian, Brussels. Most recent group shows include Shoot the Lobster at Deauville, Miami Beach, Rumpus Room at Four AM, NY, Jerry Bruckheimer Films at Sensei Gallery, NY and Please Walk In Between Not on the Green in Hallandale. Upcoming shows include the Armory Show and a solo presentation with Albert Baronian gallery for Art Brussels.

STEPHANIE HIER (b.1992, Toronto) received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2014 and has since been the recipient of numerous awards including the Evans Award for Fine Painting, B.I.G. Grant and the Ontario Arts Council Project Grant. Hier has exhibited across North America including both solo and group shows at NADA New York, Johannes Vogt Gallery in NYC, Ed Varie in NYC, Art Mur in Montreal, CK2 in Montreal, Carrier Arts Organization in Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto and the Hemispheres in Hallandale Beach. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.




Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Fig I), Untitled (Fig II), Untitled (Fig III), 2016


Stephanie Hier, Fingerprints, 2016, Etude in E, Op. 10 No 3, 2016


Stephanie Hier, Fingerprints, 2016, Etude in E, Op. 10 No 3, 2016


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Fig I), 2016


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Fig II), 2016


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Fig III), 2016


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Fig III), 2016 (detail)


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Release the Hounds), 2016


Stephanie Hier, The Inspector, 2016


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Stove), 2016


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled (Fukushima Daisies), 2016


Stephanie Hier, Pot andFlower Study IV, 2015


Larissa Lockshin, Untitled, 2016