Siera Hyte at Muscle Beach

Siera Hyte-024

Artist: Siera Hyte

Exhibition title:  Dresses for Every Occasion

Venue: Muscle Beach, Portland, US

Date:  February 19 – March 27, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Muscle Beach, Portland

And meanwhile, we were as dependable as dawn. Once, a suggestion was made that morning always comes and in this way performs a daily tyranny. Anymore we cannot take risks sto lightly.

Things that happen once, including:
Morning glories unfolding at the beginning of the day, learning a new skill, birth, chickenpox, circumcision, new chemical elements created, first times, death, appendectomy, beginning snowfall each season, etc.

The grand opening of a new, satellite restaurant that changes its menu every day, seeking to serve the best possible iteration of each dish only once. Please join us for an inaugural meal of duck confit, toast with blackberry jam, pickled blackberries, and thyme.

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