SCREEN: (swollen) Pear Drama by Emiliano Aversa

Artist: Emiliano Aversa

Title: (swollen) Pear Drama

Curated by: Federico Acal and Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx

Screening: March 28 – April 25, 2018

Year: 2018

Duration: 20’26”


(swollen) Pear Drama

 “For as well as the Pillar of Cloud as that the Fire (…)”
-John Donne


Element 1

Tell me about the quietness, I truly like to caress it. If I move myself in order to worship it, it savours my ode.
A static image that survives over the time it’s time itself.
Do you want some water? You don’t need it.

Element 2

The topological space is the topology’s basic object. It’s a very general concept of space accompanied by a notion of “closeness” defined in the weakest way. In this way many of the spaces commonly used in mathematics (such as Euclidean space or metric spaces) are topological spaces. Intuitively, what characterizes a topological space is its shape and not the distance between its points which cannot be well-defined.

Element 3

The hand grasps the snow.

Beyond the duration.


Emiliano Aversa works exclusively with the medium of video. 
His works can be seen as real video tableau: spaces in which the image occurs.
In his work he tries to activate a process of involution or repurification of the concept of pure cinema, considering its historical evolution in search of an a priori in which the moving image reveals itself for what it is. An aurora that Aversa calls “Cineflex:” a “cine” reduced to the bone that in looking for its own movement flexes, flexes the movement, brings it back to its origin, and reiterates it.
Such a creative approach takes the infinite expressive modes that the moving image brings with it into account; and such freedom indifferently includes the use of abstract or representative images that consequentially lose their character as fixed elements, becoming their own movement, evolving within a space where spatial editing gives time to space and vice versa.
Duration, evolution, rhythm, quietness, acceleration, obsessive repetition, moving painting, thing concept, time not as general time but as the flesh of the video and space intended as duration are characteristic features of his works – praise of the surface