Noah Barker at First Continent


Artist: Noah Barker

Exhibition title: Divergence Motor/Albatross Alarm

Venue: First Continent, Baltimore, US

Date: October 3 – November 1, 2015

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist and First Continent, Baltimore

First Continent is pleased to present for its inaugural exhibition a solo presentation by Noah Barker, which will serve the dual purpose of a prologue for the gallery’s future activities.

Installation began with an interruption. A stoppage was called to halt the gallery’s renovation. The pause was implemented with withdraw. The storefront is now sheathed in print news, updated often to keep up with an exhibition-long subscription. Within this seam, a prologue is introduced as preliminary discourse. A mise-en-scène of not a long time ago, not in a galaxy far far away is described in a scrolling text. The science fction flm to follow hasn’t been produced, yet it will center on activities, as the video describes, in spaces of representation within a hyper-present.

The title of the prologue, and objects signifcant to the unfolding plot, were developed in recent texts produced by the artist. Divergence Motor is termed in an interview with Alex Mackin-Dolan that accompanies that artist’s concurrent exhibition at David Lewis, New York, while the temporal crisis of the Albatross Alarm draws from Facility and Narrative, a recently published text in ‘Good Times and Nocturnal News‘ for “TRUST, Copenhagen Art Festival”. The prologue’s soundtrack is Fleetwood Mac’s 1968 single Albatross.

Noah Barker is an artist living and working in New York.