Michael Assiff at Shoot the Lobster

007Hangry_Install FULL

Artist: Michael Assiff

Exhibition title: Hangry

Venue: Shoot the Lobster, New York, US

Date: September 25 – October 25, 2015

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Shoot the Lobster, New York

001Hangry_Install FULL

002Hangry_Install MID

003Hangry_Install MID

004Hangry_Install FULL

005Hangry_Install FULL

006Hangry_Install FULL

007Hangry_Install FULL

008Hangry_Untitled1 FULL

Michael Assiff, Untitled (Barbacon Menu, Babe and Cecil), 2015

009Hangry_Bike FULL

Michael Assiff, Bike (Seamless, French Intervention in Mexico), 2015

010Hangry_BikeDetail FULL

011Hangry_Glyph1 FULL

Michael Assiff, Molding (Free Range), 2015

012Hangry_Glyph12 FULL

Michael Assiff, Molding (Gestation Crates), 2015

013Hangry_Vent1 FULL

Michael Assiff, HVAC (Chris Christie), 2015

014Hangry_Vent1Detail FULL

015Hangry_Vent2 FULL

Michael Assiff, Vent (Gestation Crate), 2015

016Hangry_Vent3 FULL

Michael Assiff, Vent (Automated Slaughter House), 2015

017Hangry_Snout FULL

Michael Assiff, Snout, 2015

018Hangry_Painting2 MID

Michael Assiff, Untitled (Spaniel), 2015

019Hangry_Painting2Detail FULL

020Hangry_Painting3 MID

Michael Assiff, Untitled (Calico), 2015

021Hangry_Painting3Detail MID

022Hangry_Fridge FULL

Michael Assiff, Fridge, 2015

023Hangry_FridgeDetail1 FULL

024Hangry_FridgeDetail2 FULL

025Hangry_FridgeDetail3 FULL