Math Bass at Michael Jon & Alan


Artist: Math Bass

Exhibition title: Bloomies

Venue: Michael Jon & Alan, Miami, US

Date: March 24 – May 21, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Michael Jon & Alan, Miami

There is a place on the east side of town
They know my face cause I’m always around
A pillar of strength
A haven to turn to
The place where I learned to feel noble and proud
Yes it’s Bloomingdale’s
In a class beyond compare
The other stores all pale
Everything your heart desires will one day be on sale
At Bloomingdale’s

– Written by David Sonenberg 1975, recorded 2016

Bass_Bloomies Insatll 10

Bass_Bloomies Install 1

Bass_Bloomies Install 2

Bass_Bloomies Install 3

Bass_Bloomies Install 4

Bass_Bloomies Install 5

Bass_Bloomies Install 6

Bass_Bloomies Install 7

Bass_Bloomies Install 8

Bass_Bloomies Install 9

Bass_Bloomies Install 10a

Bass_Bloomies Install 11



3_Bass_Rocking Chair Yellow_2016_50x62x22


5_Bass_Towers White and Black_2016_144.5x12x12

6_Bass_Cowhide Fried Egg_2016_78x65_horizontal

6a_Bass_Cowhide Fried Egg_2016_78x65



10_Bass_Rocking Chair White and Black_2016_50x62x22_profile

10a_Bass_Rocking Chair White and Black_2016_50x62x22

11_Bass_Arches (Yellow)_2016_48x46

12_Bass_Dead Stock_2016

13_Bass_Bloomingdale's (The Musical)_2016_38x36)