Kayla Ephros and Payton Barronian at Gern en Regalia

Artists: Kayla Ephros and Payton Barronian

Exhibition title: New Poems and Bows 13-19

Venue: Gern en Regalia, New York, US

Date: June 6 – July 14, 2024

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Gern en Regalia, New York

Payton Barronian (Brooklyn, New York) makes Bows 13-19 in his bedroom studio. Kayla Ephros (Los Angeles, CA) makes New Poems in the garage behind her mom’s apartment.

Payton: so it’s not 11-17, its 13-19

Payton: —bows, big silver jewel, red paint, green paint—

Kayla: i wish i could save

Kayla: could shellack the audio of you K: finding the big jewel, and you’re

P: trying to cut this

K: plastic? dead-stock

P: foiled— rhinestone lines

P: USPS, one quarter turn

K: and do it loose, draw language in the pond

K: like, letters that break

P: @ USPS, pushing values

K: pushing valuables?

P: found valuables? your pond K: your excess, that song?

P: acapella or

K: your excess acapella, our palette P: wait can you send me the palette K: green

K: silver

K: pink

K: brown

K: red

K: margin for air?

P: lost in the mail

K: oh and sometimes blue

K: words in blue, bent, rules around dusk P: over your shoulder

K: perfect reflections

K: idea of living? first time

P: painting—

P: one quarter turn, tilt, dangle K: do it loose

P: updo 6 inch nike box crucifix K: scrap question?

P: scraps in reverse

K: scraps, in Projected Verse K: Projected Verse for scraps

K: Projected Verse for knots and links K: Projected Verse in silver, etc.

P: that jewel, at this party P: this plexiglass situation

K: Projected Verse in Found Charm? P: feels too shiny

P: stepped on my toes

K: love you breakdown