Cowboys & Indians at Art Space 984


Artists: Adrian Bara, Aldo Chaparro, Andrew Birk, de Albert, Oso Parado, Patricia Iglesias, Ricardo Gonzalez

Exhibition title:  Cowboys & Indians

Venue: Art Space 984, Tulum, Mexico

Date: December, 2014 – March, 2015

Photography: Courtesy of the artists and Art Space 984

Art Space 984 is an unexpected contemporary art space in the heart of Tulum. A step away from the beach, time ticks slower here. We invite established and emerging artists of today to come to the Yucatan jungle and share their creations in a unique setting.

Cowboys & Indians is the opening show of Art Space 984.

For its first group exhibition, Art Space 984 invited artists Adrian Bara (Mex), Aldo Chaparro (Peru), Andrew Birk (USA), de Albert (Mex), Oso Parado (Mex), Patricia Iglesias (Arg) and Ricardo Gonzalez (Mex) to the gallery.

Four Mexicans, a Peruvian, an Argentinian and an American met in Tulum for the first time. Cowboys & Indians is a representation of today’s art scene – immigrant artists who leave their countries searching for new inspiration and different opportunities. They share one common denominator: expatriation – all are currently expats or have lived once during their career away from their homelands.

This show questions the impact of the country of residency on the artist’s work. Is an American artist living in Mexico City influenced by all the novelties surrounding him? Or, could it be possible that borders have also been blurred by globalization in the process of artistic creation? If influences are global and uniform for all, then, art is more than ever the result of the artist’s intellectual process.


de Albert, Meteorito Rosa, 2014



Oso Parado, Madera Santa (Hollywood Pink Portraits), 2014





Ricardo Gonzalez, Downstream Drifting, 2013


Oso Parado, Untitled (#003 NASA), 2014
Andrew Birk, Dstroyed Tshirt (Wero I) and (WeroII), 2014


Andrew Birk, Dstroyed Tshirt (Darks), 2014 and Mood Board (Bruise), 2014