Condo New York 2017: Sultana at Foxy Production

Artists: Jesse Darling, Celia Hempton, Walter Pfeiffer, Jacin Giordano

Exhibition title: Condo New York 2017: Sultana at Foxy Production

Venue: Foxy Production, New York, US

Date: June 29 – July 28, 2017

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists, Sultana, Paris and Foxy Production, New York

Sultana is pleased to announce it’s participation to the first edition of CONDO New York, hosted by Foxy Production from June 29 to July 28, 2017. The space allocated by the Chinatown gallery will be shared with Château Shatto from Los Angeles. For this collaborative exhibition featuring 36 international galleries across 16 New York spaces, Sultana will showcase works by Walter Pfeiffer, Celia Hempton, Jesse Darling and Jacin Giordano. The works will constitute an ensemble centered on the body as the vehicule of the intimate, aiming to question how the body can be showed or hidden, displayed or bemused, and why ?

Celia Hempton is a british painter born in Stroud in 1981, living and working in London. Deeply focused on understanding the process of looking, she paints intimate parts of her models as portraits, capturing their attitudes and performances. She investigates the relationship between the viewer and the one that is being watched, and especially in a context where the internet takes part in the making of a new idea of the intimate.

In Jacin Giordano’s paintings, forms and materials seems to be in a constant experimentation. They are intensively labored, crafted, resulting in a seemingly chaotic ensemble, a poetic and sensual puzzle. In the series Masks for Hunting Rainbows, colored scrolls allow us to see and almost feel a surreal organic material. They remind us of the primitive ritual masks, but are the equipments required for a phantasmagorical quest.

Jesse Darling is a british artist, writer and blogger born in 1981 in Oxford. Their work centres around explorations of self in the Internet age and profound thinking about queer politics. as well as late capitalism. In an ongoing project to denaturalize the theological ecosystem of capitalist modernity as “an arbitrary, violent fairytale,” Jesse Darling’s work and research consider the social, physical and narrative body as a site where architectural, [bio]political and social structures manifest and become transformed. One of the sculptures they showcased in their show Armes Blanches at Sultana, Little 1s (growing), will be presented.

Born in 1946 in Beggingen, Walter Pfeiffer, who lives and works in Zurich, started photography in the 70’s without any technical ambition, but the will to provide a new visual vocabulary for beauty, erotism and freedom of life. His work gaining its initial recognition through an underground network has reached today status of a cult object. He’s now considered an icon of underground, queer photography, alondside Larry Clark and Nan Golding. He indeed has developed a unique blend of eroticism and wit, classical serenity and ornamental playfulness, artifice and immediacy that has begun to garner major international attention in the past decades. He leads his quest for male beauty with precision but also humour. Three B&W photographies will be showcased, all very representative of his glance on a desired, mysterious, ausculpted body

Celia Hempton (born Stroud UK 1981) lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today, ICA Boston, USA, curated by Eva Respini (forthcoming Winter 2018); Transmissions from the Etherspace, curated by João Laia, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Sans Titre (2016) Vol.3, Sans Titre (2016), Paris, France (2017). Selected solo exhibitions include presentation for Frieze, London with Southard Reid, Art Night with ICA, London, curated by Kathy Noble, The Magazine Sessions in collaboration with Fiorucci Art Trust, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London, UK, Celia Hempton, Michael Lett, Auckland, New Zealand (2016); Lupa, Galerie Sultana, Paris, France, FLY ASH, White Cubicle, The George & Dragon, London, UK (2015); Chat Random, Southard Reid, London, UK, Paintings on Wall and Canvas, Galleria Lorcan O’Neill, Rome, performance and presentation of work made in Stromboli as part of Forget Amnesia curated by Milovan Farronato and Haroon Mirza, Fiorucci Trust, Italy (2014); Cur, Southard Reid, London, UK and Vug, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany (2013). Selected group exhibitions include Gettin’ The Heart Ready, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK and The Female Gaze, Part II: Women Look at Men, Cheim & Read, New York, USA, Prediction, Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo, Brazil, No Ordinary Love, Galerie Sultana, Paris, France, The Painting Show, British Council Touring Exhibition, Electronic Superhighway 2016 – 1966 curated by Omar Kholeif, Whitechapel Gallery.

Jesse Darling, Little 1’s (growing), 2017

Jacin Giordano, Mask For Hunting Rainbows (Skeleton), 2013

Jacin Giordano, Mask For Hunting Rainbows (Skeleton), 2013

Walter Pfeiffer, Untitled, 1974, 2011

Celia Hempton, Tinka, 2017

Walter Pfeiffer, Untitled, 1989, 2015

Walter Pfeiffer, Untitled, 1984, 2015