Chris Lux at Et al.

Chris Lux_Lamp2

Artist: Chris Lux

Exhibition title: With Nude Spoons

Venue: Et al., San Francisco, US

Date: November 13 – December 19, 2015

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Et al., San Francisco

Chris Lux’s previous work has redrawn erotic and comedic themes of American folk mythology and medieval European hagiography. With Nude Spoons presents vignettes from the late Ming- era moral tale “The Golden Lotus” in an immersive, installation-based combination of painting and sculpture. Lux imagines a lustful merchant’s court in saturated electric colors and excrescent ceramic forms. The gesture rebounds: an audition of new age dissonance for historical resonance.

Chris Lux_With Nude Spoons_Installation view

Chris Lux_The Magic Diagrams

Chris Lux, The Magic Diagrams, 2015

Chris Lux_Ll Ping'er

Chris Lux, Ll Ping’er, 2015

Chris Lux_Wang Liu'er

Chris Lux, Wang Liu’er, 2015

Chris Lux_The Favorite

Chris Lux, The Favorite, 2015

Chris Lux_Pan Jinlian is Melancholy

Chris Lux, Pan Jinlian is Melancholy, 2015

Chris Lux_The Baby Guan'ge

Chris Lux, The Baby Guan’ge, 2015

Chris Lux_Lamp

Chris Lux, Lamp, 2015

Chris Lux_Lotus Blossom

Chris Lux, Lotus Blossom, 2015

Chris Lux_With Nude Spoons_Installation view3

Chris Lux_With Nude Spoons_Installation view4

Chris Lux_With Nude Spoons_Installation view2