Charlott Weise at A Maior

Artist: Charlott Weise

Exhibition title: Take me away

Venue: A Maior, Viseu, Portugal

Date: November 24, 2018 – February 3, 2019

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist

I just got changed! WAIT – is there a sea of MIRRORS here?!
I have just immersed myself with… kkrrgk! My nails in TISSUE PAPER?! Kkrrgk! A brand new
BAG! – smell of strap, shine of emblem… I have just
surrounded myself with CLOUDS – Dubai! A city of PINNACLES, you SEE?
Tissue paper, little little tissue paper… you enclose myLOVELYbrandnewBAG! Kkrrgk… just got
changed with my NEW nails?! Just
immersed in liquid of myself?! Just got
changed and prepared for an inspiring woman?! Oh… NOTHING
more inspirational than an inspiring woman! How
delicious this regression… crackling little tissue paper in my possession?! Highest hotel ever?!
Softest STREAM of
screens showing me?! I have just… kkrrgk!
Tissue paper! Ribbon! Wrap me up!

poem by Anne Marijn Voorhorst