Breathing Room at Interstate Projects


Artists: Timothy James Kelly, Martin Soto Climent, Temra Pavlovic

Exhibition title: Breathing Room

Curated by: Lodos

Venue: Interstate Projects, New York, US

Date:  June 19 – July 12, 2015

Photography: Images courtesy of the artists and Interstate Projects, New York

Breathing Room proposes dissatisfaction with the exhibition as where things stall.
The work in this show could as well have happened after the opening. The objects in the room are residues of time consumed. I say the work could have happened after the opening, because they are programmed to expire. They are the remaining parts of a larger fragment.

I wish to propose Breathing Room as a prologue, which the works of art are here to deliver.

– Francisco Cordero-Oceguera

Timothy James Kelly is an artist currently living in Chicago. His work has been exhibited at Lodos (Chicago), Lodos at Material Art Fair (Mexico City), Parallel Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mx), and Free Paarking (St. Louis).

Martin Soto Climent is an artist who primarily works with re-contextualized everyday objects. For over a decade, he has exhibited internationally, at such galleries as Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; T293, Naples; Karma International, Zurich; and The Banff Center, Alberta. Climent currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Temra Pavlovic is an artist working primarily with video. Her work has been shown at Dark Arts (International), Human Resources (Los Angeles), PeregrineProgram (Chicago), Lodos (Mexico City), Otras Obras (Tijuana), Les Rencontres Internationales (Paris) and more. She is also a member of Oa4s (On all fours). Temra is currenty based in Amsterdam.

Lodos is a gallery for contemporary art located in Mexico City. Lodos aims to show critically aware artists working within new modes of production.







Martin Soto Climent, John Brown: Untitled (Colt45), 2015


Timothy James Kelly, Born Between Mirrors, 2015


Timothy James Kelly, Born Between Mirrors, 2015 (detail)


Temra Pavlovic, 1080p FHD (“Flower glass” and “This woman, the witness”), 2015

Temra Pavlovic, Flower glass, 2015

Temra Pavlovic, This woman, the witness, 2015


Timothy James Kelly, untitled, 2015


Timothy James Kelly, untitled, 2015


Timothy James Kelly, untitled, 2015


Timothy James Kelly, untitled, 2015