Yonatan Vinitsky at Frutta

24.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Blue.16.165.34)_2015

Artist: Yonatan Vinitsky

Exhibition title:  Loose Ends

Venue:  Frutta, Rome, Italy

Date:  March 27 – May 23, 2015

Photography: Images courtesy of the artist and Frutta

Frutta a is pleased to present Loose Ends, a solo show by Yonatan Vinitsky (1980, Jerusalem).

The exhibition will consist of two distinct series’ of new works; eight large metal-coiled sculptures, falling suspended from the ceiling, presented both vertically and horizontally; and eight large wall-based works consisting of large reproductions of backseat storage pockets found on trains and planes, made of diverse materials such as metal, rope, elastic cord and woven fabric.

The title of the show, Loose Ends, is based on a term borrowed from the genre of crime fiction and mystery literature, it indicates that something is still unaccomplished, that a definable and accurate passage within a process is not yet finished or solved.

Based on this notion, the exhibition takes place in suspended time, an apparent calm and stillness in which dynamics move and develop tending towards an end without ever arriving there. The grandeur of these works, their being out of scale – a powerful enlargement and cropping of everyday objects – contrasts with their normalcy.

These objects bring about a strong and sharp sense of attraction and splendour, as they are imbued with the aesthetics of the common and the daily. In this way the works create a fascination for the banal, as the artist shapes basic raw materials, stretching and extending forms before freezing them at their fixed, final stage. They contain an inner vitality and power that pushes for a return to its original status and source. Each coil and each seat pocket is the visible form of a quantity of material that goes far beyond what could ever be perceived by the viewer.

Compression suspends and fixes the internal history of the object, leaving it at the interstice between past and future, in a continuous vibration between moving forward towards an end and an end in itself.

Luca Castiglioni

*Simultaneously, we will present Scraffito, a solo exhibition by Matt  Montini at Hadrian – our project space.










10.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Blue)_2015

11.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Gold)_2015

12.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Gold)_2015_DETAIL2

13.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Green_2015)

14.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (CanaryYellow)_2015

15.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (CanaryYellow)_2015_DETAIL

16.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Red)_2015

17.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Purple)_2015

18.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Purple)_2015_DETAIL

19.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Mint)_2015

20.YonatanVinitsky_Loose Ends (Mint)_2015_DETAIL

21.YonatanViniysky_Loose ENds (Silver Grey)_2015

23.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Green.8.90.42)_2015

24.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Blue.16.165.34)_2015

25.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Yellow.16.165.34)_2015

26.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Red.19.195.30)_2015

27.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Green.19.195.30)_2015

28.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Blue.12.130.38)_2015

29.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Blue.12.130.38)_2015_DETAIL

30.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Yellow_8.90.42)_2015

31.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Yellow_8.90.42)_2015_DETAIL

32.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Red.12.130.38)_2015

33.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Red.12.130.38)_2015_DETAIL