Willem Oorebeek at Kunstverein München

Vertikal Klub

Artist: Willem Oorebeek

Exhibition title: Vertikal Klub

Venue: Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany

Date: September 17, 2015 – January 10, 2016

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist and  Kunstverein München

From 17 September 2015 until 10 January 2016, Kunstverein München presents Vertikal Klub — an exhibition by Willem Oorebeek in the Schaufenster am Hofgarten.

Oorebeek is an artist. He intercepts, interrupts, and redirects the circulation of mass media images, from magazines, newspapers, mail-order catalogues, greeting cards, TV guides, fashion posters, political leaflets, bulletins, brochures, and other printed matter.

Oorebeek is also a cannibal. He re-uses and re-circulates his own work, and its reproduction, using lithographic techniques and repetitive procedures, such as offset printing black ink over black ink over black ink, to reach the deepest saturation, the densest typographic textures, and informational interference.

In 1994, Oorebeek founded the Vertikal Club, an exclusive association of images, accessioned according to strict criteria. The club’s vertically-oriented members have been printed and pasted life-sized to the walls of international exhibitions, and in a book, with textual meta-data printed over the images. These pages have been enlarged as digital prints, and will be presented in the Schaufenster every two weeks. By day, each viewer’s image will be reflected in the glass, on top of the images on display — at once included and excluded from the club.

Oorebeek will present a slideshow and a talk during the opening on Thursday, 17 September 2015, at 8pm.

Vertikal Klub is published by NN-Editions, Brussels, office@nnbxl.com

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