in Conversation with

June Crespo

This video, produced by Art Viewer, takes a journey through June Crespo’s oeuvre, including recent exhibitions and her working process. Over a year, we accompanied the artist to her studio, home, and foundry in the Basque Country, where she lives and works, and had conversations with her.

Since her beginnings, June Crespo has approached the expressive possibilities of materials, addressing themes such as corporeality, architecture, and the transformation of everyday objects. Her sculptures, often monumental and robust in appearance, are characterized by a balance between solidity and fragility that invites the viewer to reflect on the relationship between body and space.

In her works, Crespo usually keeps the traces of the process visible, such as the remains left during the casting or the natural textures of materials, thus highlighting the importance of the process in the final result. The artist turns industrial and everyday materials into sculptural forms that transcend their origin and invite us to re-read space and the object, playing with perceptions of weight, balance, and scale.

June Crespo (Pamplona, 1982) lives and works in Bilbao. She obtained her BFA from the Basque Country University (Bilbao) in 2005 and completed a two-year residency at De Ateliers (Amsterdam) in 2017. Her solo shows include Vascular (2024) at Guggenheim Bilbao Museum; they saw their house turn into fields (2023) at CA2M, Madrid; Acts of Pulse (2022) at P420, Bologna; entre alguien y algo (2022) at CarrerasMugica, Bilbao; Am I an Object (2021) PA///KT (Amsterdam); Helmets (2020) Artium, Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art, Vitoria-Gasteiz; No Osso (2019) at Certain Lack of Coherence, Porto; Ser Dos (2017) and Cosa y tú (2015) at CarrerasMugica gallery in Bilbao. Recently, her work has also been shown in group exhibitions such as L´écorce (2023) at CRAC-Alsace; The Milk of Dreams (2022) at Venice Biennale; Fata Morgana (2022) Jeu de Paume (Paris) and The Point of Sculpture (2021) at Fundación Miró (Barcelona).