Victor Ruiz Colomer at fluent

Artist: Victor Ruiz Colomer

Exhibition title: interview

Venue: fluent, Santander, Spain

Date: March 30 – June 7, 2024

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and fluent, Santander

Note: Exhibition text is available here

interview presents a new group of sculptures that affect the material structure and the somatic perception of the space. Triggering a centrifugal force, this series of perimetral works propose space as a cognitive slippage from where openings and access points, containment, desire and movement are reassembled into a more plastic reality.

In recent years, Ruiz Colomer’s work has been preoccupied with spatial making, proposing systems and structures that experiment with their perceptual relations. In doing so, the materiality in the circulation of value, the invention of notative and scripting forms within pedagogical and self-managed dynamics, and energy consumption become recurrent aspects of his practice. Through them, he activates the potential of certain non-normative movements to affect different forms of oppression.

For this presentation, such structural or systemic approach is articulated from an interest in the genealogy of spaces where knowledge is produced and legitimated. From glasshouses as places of decontextualization and conservation, to shopping malls as triggers of desire, as well as world expositions acting as hinges across these environments, interview introduces forms of plastic opacity where the distribution and consumption of knowledge could drift.

Victor Ruiz Colomer lives and works in Barcelona. Recent work presentations include: asula (as part of Hacer Historias V with c h o r o), loh te linvel at etHall with Ana Martínez Fernández and Basel Social Club with Cordova. He has participated in recent exhibitions at Albarrán Bourdais (Madrid, 2022), Dilalica (Barcelona, 2021), Centro Centro (Madrid, 2020), CAPC (Bordeaux, 2020) and Cordova (Barcelona, 2019).

In collaboration with Joe Highton he has presented projects at MANIFESTA 12 (Palermo, 2018), 6th Moscow Biennale of Young Art (Moscow, 2018), Endless Process at Muu Kaapeli (Helsinki, 2018) and The Next Mutation (Caixa Forum, Barcelona , 2021).

He has also developed experimental educational projects for Salmon (as a member of Cascades study group), SAC & La Fundació Joan Miró-(Barcelona 2019-2023) and Proteínas at fluent (Santander, 2022).

This exhibition has been co-produced in collaboration with Hangar, Barcelona as part of their 2023 production grants. With the collaboration of cristalería santanderina.