Valerie Krause at Rolando Anselmi


Artist: Valerie Krause

Exhibition title: Shifting Volume

Venue: Rolando Anselmi, Berlin, Germany

Date: June 13 – September 5, 2015

Photography: Riccardo Malberti, images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin

Galerie Rolando Anselmi is pleased to announce Shifting Volume, the second solo show by German artist Valerie Krause in the gallery space in Berlin. For the exhibition the artist will present three new sculptures selected specifically for this occasion. The pieces are placed in the second exhibition room. Immediately from the entrance, and through the narrow passage that separates the two rooms, one can glimpse the presence of these peculiar objects. It is the immaterial embodied in the firmness of the physical that affects Krause and indicates the key to understanding her sculptures. Her work emphasizes volumes and the hidden dynamism that solid bodies can hold. The sculptures adopt elementary forms: they are not strictly geometrical constructs, but shapes that seem to assume movement in space, accompanied by a gentle minimization of the forms. Whether hanging on the wall unit or placed on the ground or leaning on a tripod in the middle of the room, Krause’s sculptures claim their existence in space, with changes of direction that draw abstract geometries and moments of calmness. A play of light and dark, stressed by the black and white colour of the sculptures, creates a suspended balance, which the spectator cannot avoid to perceive. The works in the exhibition are the outcome of a deep investigation on volumes and the places that the volumes of these sculptures generate, in a physical but at the same time emotional dimension. The relation between objects and the surrounding space is a central theme in Krause’s artistic research. It recalls the notable thought of natural philosopher, Leibniz, who considered space as in fact a collection of relations between objects, given by their distance and direction one another. Walking through her sculptures we perceive space, as a place that is expressly changing. The interchange of materials such as plaster, steel and wood is accompanied by changes in the forms, some of them rigid, static, others more dynamic. Through layers, twisting and emphasized diagonals, she underlines the intrinsic dynamism of the material, denoting an impression of instability that interferes with the spectator’s perception of the space. The works presented in this exhibition are strongly connected with three other sculptures created by the artist, currently on view till July 27th at L21 Gallery, in Madrid. The two exhibitions, born as collaboration between the two galleries, share not only the same title but also the same emotional capacity, bringing the spectator into a continuous reflection on space and the interaction of the material and ourselves with it.








O.T., 2015


O.T., 2015


O.T., 2015 (detail)


O.T., 2015 (detail)


O.T., 2011


O.T., 2011


Shifting Volume, 2015