The Sun Poured in Like Butterscotch at Projet Pangée

Artists: Sam Branden, Robert Erickson, Colleen Heslin, Lauren Luloff, Les Ramsay, Jonathan Ryan Storm, Angela Teng

Exhibition title: The Sun Poured in Like Butterscotch

Curated by: Les Ramsay

Venue: Projet Pangée, Montreal, Canada

Date: March 14 – April 20, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Projet Pangée, Montreal

Montreal, February 26, 2019 — Projet Pangée is pleased to present The Sun Poured in Like Butterscotch, an exhibition uniting the work of seven artists and curated by artist Les Ramsay.

How happy is the transparent painting!
Are you upset by how cobwebby it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the painting so vaporous?

I cannot help but stop and look at the transparent painting.
Now limpid is just the thing
to get me wondering if the painting is diaphanous.

I saw the tactile draw of my generation destroyed,
how I mourned the crayon.
A crayon is tactual. A crayon is haptic;
a crayon is tangible, however.

The Sun Poured in Like Butterscotch is a hurly burly of colour field painting and domestic craft from seven artists with material-based practices relating to painting and collage. Working within and outside of the stretcher, and with a variety of materials, these artists use textile methods of construction like dyeing, staining, collaging, sewing, the building of custom supports, and the crocheting of ribbons of paint. These subtle and tactile methods of picture making draw attention to the perceived physicality of colour: of pigment resting on surface or chemically bonding to fiber. The range of surface texture upon each picture plane affects the overall reading, with the presence of natural fiber adding softness and infusing quality – an inevitable contrast to the hard plasticity of paint as medium. Tension and flow snicker at the push and pull; there’s something beyond depth on the picture plane here; we’re witnessing the smoke of an ancient nostalgia spread like a ribbon out of the window. — Les Ramsay