Testing Ground: The Still House Group at Zabludowicz Collection

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Artists: The Still House Group (Isaac Brest, Nick Darmstaedter, Louis Eisner, Andrew Gbur, Joe Graham-Felsen, Jack Greer, Alex Ito, Brendan Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Haley Mellin, Alex Perweiler, Dominic Samsworth, Zachary Susskind, Peter Sutherland, Augustus Thompson and Brad Troemel)

Exhibition title:  Testing Ground: The Still House Group

Venue:  Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK

Date: March 1 – April 5, 2015

Photography: Tim Bowditch, images courtesy of Zabludowicz Collection

The first UK exhibition by The Still House Group, a New York based artists studio. Founded in 2007 as an online platform, Still House has grown in to an innovative and self-supporting artist-led organisation, hosting residencies and exhibitions alongside the facilitation and promotion of work by its key members.

This exhibition offers a snapshot of the group as a model of an artist’s cooperative. Presenting recent works by Still House artists and their extended network and new, site-responsive works by Joe Graham-Felsen, Zachary Susskind and Augustus Thompson.

Part of this year’s annual Testing Ground for Art and Education season, the exhibition presents the scope of the group’s activities and the breadth of individual artists’ practices.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a new publication featuring specially commissioned artists pages by each of the exhibiting artists and an extensive interview with Still House co-founder Isaac Brest.

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Zachary Susskind, Monument, 2015

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Dylan Lynch, I Wish It Would Rain, 2014

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Isaac Brest, This is Your Ticket, 2014

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Zachary Susskind, Buttress, 2015

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Alex Perweiler / Zachary Susskind, Jolly Up (Billy Boy/Tommy/Scottie/Ginger/Big Mark/Tony/Glenn/Glen, North London), 2015

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