Tea Stražičić at Polansky Gallery

Artist: Tea Stražičić

Exhibition title: Lone Long Boy

Curated by: Christina Gigliotti

Venue: Polansky Gallery, Prague, The Czech Republic

Date: May 16 – June 29, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Polansky Gallery, Prague

In the end, I just wanted to be a vegetable. Potato or not, I didn’t care.

–Mario Mars Lazzarus

The year is 1972 in the Martian Long Year System. The number tells the time that has passed since Mars was terraformed. Earthlings have managed to provide crops, self-sufficient oxy-hydra suits and infrastructure for their clone-colony.

The first humans to live on Mars are colonel Angelica S. and her team of scientists: Hanul B, Dina A, Niklas M, Homer T, Hendrix A, Joao Z, and Mario Mars Lazzarus–an alien who we will later interview.

These humans (and alien) were part of the Space X mission, which was forcefully coordinated by the Lost Souls of Silicon Valley; The United States’ most powerful allegiance between Amazon and Tesla Motors.

MY (Martian Long Year System)

Mario 5: a first generation Martian born from a single fertilized egg brought from Earth. Locally known as Mario Mars Lazzarus, he has been an indestructible force in the continuous survival of his colony. He is known for cultivating rathorses, the mutated cousins of rats and horses, brought in capsules and cages from Earth. These creatures terrorized Martian potato fields (the only cultivated vegetable) for decades, until Mario kindly befriended one of them. Rathorses now serve on potato farms all across the colonized zone.

Before we start to interview Mario, it’s important for the reader to know the current political interplanetary affairs. Following the quick mutations and alien Martian plague gone viral, terraforming Mars has been voted as the first intergalactic sin. Prosecution of all heads involved in the Space X mission by Den Hague resulted in app wars, and Amazon was balkanized from its core.

Earthlings had Mars on their mind, but out of their reach for a full century. During that time, Earth days were numbered by tragedies, except in mainland China and Russia. Meanwhile, Martian colonies were nicknamed “The Long Boys”. Long Boys are asexual, red or yellow eyed clones, symbiotically merged with their silicone oxy-hydra coats. They live off refined potato derivatives and rat meat.

Back in the year 1972. by Martian Long Year System, Chinese Russian alliance launched two Intergalactic Ship Eaters to hold quarantine over Mars colonies. Each battle station projects a glowing shield, modeled in honor of the Chinese Opera mask with a grin and red eyes. Both of them can be seen from the surface of Mars.

Signed by 4th gen. Martians

Journalist S. T. Hayfork-Blackmars

Research by Prof. Mustang Mars, in Memory of Mario Mars Lazzarus


Tea Stražičić is an animation director and artist from Croatia, currently based in Berlin. She is known for her alias @flufflord and the following projects: The Black Metal residency, VR Incubator, Renegade NPC, live AV set with Baojiaxiang and the CGI studio Schwestern Sisters. Her work has been published in Heavy Metal Mag., Adult Swim, Tzvetnik, and AQNB among others. She has created visuals sets for artists and festivals such as: Absurd Creation, Baojiaxiang, Creamcake, Hartera, Dasychira, Parkingstone, SHCR and many more. Recent performances include: Supynes Festival (Lithuania), ACE Hotel (DTLA). Recent exhibitions include: ‘Whale Fall’ at Gossamer Fog, London, ‘Dance With the Devil’ in Zagreb, ‘At the Mercy of Your Salvia’ in Tbilisi and ‘EXE’ in Krasnodar.