Ascending from the Liquid Horizon at Le Lieu Unique

Artists: Sol Archer, Joey Holder, Katja Novitskova, Kristina Õllek, Norman Orro, Anni Puolakka, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Laura Põld, Nicholas Riis, Taavi Suisalu, Vello Vinn, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Guan Xiao

Exhibition title: Ascending from the Liquid Horizon

Curated by: Kati Ilves

Venue: Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France

Date: October 21, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Le Lieu Unique, Nantes

Note: Press release can be found here. Exhibition booklet can be found here

Simon Wald-Lasowski at trampoline

Artist: Simon Wald-Lasowski

Exhibition title: I think there’s very little likelihood that oysters, mussels and clams have any consciousness so it’s defendable to eat them

Venue: trampoline, Antwerp, Belgium

Date: August 3 – 26, 2017

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and trampoline