One, No One and One Hundred Thousand at Kunsthalle Wien


Artists: Darren Bader, Jason Dodge, Phanos Kyriacou, Adriana Lara, Jonathan Monk, Marlie Mul, Amalia Pica, Martin Soto Climent, Lina Viste Grønli

Exhibition title: The Promise of Total Automation

Curated by: Luca Lo Pinto

Venue: Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

Date:  February 19 – May 22, 2016

Photography: Maximilian Pramatarov and David Avazzadeh, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Kunsthalle Wien



Phanos Kyriacou at Rupert

Artist: Phanos Kyriacou Exhibition title: Who is Nathan? Venue: Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania Date: September 19 – October 2, 2015 Photography: images copyright and courtesy the artist, Rupert, Vilnius and Maccarone, New York Rupert is happy to present “Who is Nathan?”, a solo presentation by Phanos Kyriacou, bringing together works produced in Rupert during residency and older works … Read more