Se nos cayó el teatro at Lodos


Artists: Temra Pavlović, Noa4s (Noah Barker & Oa4s), Diego Salvador Rios, Lewis Teague Wright, Dave Miko, Veit Laurent Kurz, Anna-Sophie Berger, Adriana Lara

Exhibition title: Se nos cayó el teatro

Venue: Lodos, Mexico City

Date: December 8, 2016 – January 31, 2017

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Lodos, Mexico City



Lonesome Wife at Seventeen

Vanessa Safavi, No Omelette Without Breaking Eggs (Holding Substitute IV), 2016 (3)

Artists: Victoria Adam, Adriano Amaral, Noah Barker, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Patrizio di Massimo, Justin Fitzpatrick, Lisa Holzer, Isaac Lythgoe, Vanessa Safavi

Exhibition title: Lonesome Wife

Organized by: Attilia Fattori Franchini

Venue: Seventeen, London, UK

Date: September 30 – November 5, 2016

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Seventeen, London

Note: Press release can be found here

Lonesome Wife, Seventeen, Installation view 1

Justin Fitzpatrick, 2 guys go camping inside a lab rat, 2016