Lisa Oppenheim at Lulu

Artist: Lisa Oppenheim Exhibition title: La Quema Venue: Lulu, Mexico City Date: October 11 – December 7, 2014 Photography: Diego Perez Lulu is proud to present La Quema by the New York-based artist Lisa Oppenheim. Working with photography and video, Oppenheim has developed a practice that revolves around the appropriation of historical imagery and predominantly … Read more

Fabiola Menchelli at Yautepec

Artist: Fabiola Menchelli Exhibition title: Constructions Venue: Yautepec, Mexico City Date: October 9  – December 13, 2014 Photography: Courtesy of Yautepec My friends, I fear that architecture no longer has any place for us. Its axes are dull, its plans laid bare. Reality Properties, Fake Estates. We should instead drink deep of the illusion of … Read more

RING BELL, SUN, 21EARTH at Yautepec

Artist: SANGREE Exhibition title: RING BELL, SUN, 21EARTH Venue: Yautepec, Mexico City Date: August 20 – September 20, 2014 Photography: Courtesy of Yautepec Every period of material life goes through two periods, construction and destruction period, but the life itself is indestructible, life has no beginning and no end. The sun is living in a … Read more