Where Wild Flowers Grow at Armada

10_Isabella Costabile, High Priestess, 2016. Photo by Beppe Raso

Artists: Gianluca Belloni, Daniele Bonini, Marco Conoci, Alessandro Conti, Isabella Costabile, Emiliano Furia, Lorenza Longhi, Marco Pio Mucci, Matteo Pomati, Margherita Raso, Massimo Vaschetto, Ilaria Vinci

Exhibition title: Where Wild Flowers Grow

Venue: Armada, Milan, Italy

Date: April 5 – May 31, 2016

Photography: Beppe Raso, all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Armada, Milan

1_Where Wild Flowers Grow, installation view at Armada, Milan, 2016. Photo by Beppe Raso

5_Massimo Vaschetto, Barehunter, 2015. Photo by Beppe Raso

Tufo at Gasconade

Artists: Gianluca Belloni, Daniele Milvio, Matteo Pomati Exhibition title: Tufo Venue: Gasconade, Milan, Italy Date: May 9 – June 7, 2014 Photography: Courtesy of Gasconade “Tufo” [Tuff] presents a group of recent art works by Gianluca Belloni (b. 1991; lives in Milan), Daniele Milvio (b. 1988; lives in Rome) and Matteo Pomati (b. 1989; lives … Read more