Disappointment Island at Griffin Art Space


Artists: Martin Erik Andersen, Giulia Cenci, David Flaugher, Benjamin Hirte, Bill Jenkins, Piotr Łakomy, Rolf Nowotny, Laure Prouvost, Piotr Skiba, Michael E. Smith

Exhibition title: Disappointment Island

Curated by: Stereo, Warsaw

Venue: Griffin Art Space, Warsaw, Poland

Date: September 24 – October 15, 2016

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists, Griffin Art Space and Galeria Stereo, Warsaw



Irony Comes from a Vanishing Point at Galeria Stereo


Artists: Steve Bishop, Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Emmanuelle Lainé, Bea Schlingelhoff

Exhibition title: Irony Comes from a Vanishing Point

Curated by: Julia Marchand

Venue: Galeria Stereo, Warsaw, Poland

Date:  April 15 – June 4, 2016

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Galeria Stereo, Warsaw