Minouk Lim at Portikus

Artist: Minouk Lim Exhibition title:  United Paradox Venue: Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany Date:  May 14 – July 5, 2015 Photography: Helena Schlichting, images courtesy of the artist and Portikus, Frankfurt When war broke out in Korea in 1950, the South Korean government committed a series of massacres against the civilian population. Ordered by the leader of the South Korean … Read more

Smoothie Conference at Jenifer Nails

Artists: Tina Braegger, Cédric Eisenring, Katharina Fengler, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Sam Korman, Carlos Reyes, Edo Rosenblith Exhibition title:  Smoothie Conference Presented by: Amy Granat and Annina Herzer Venue: Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt, Germany Date:  April 11 – May 23, 2015 Photography: images courtesy of the artists and Jenifer Nails Art On The Moon Sam Korman It’s fun to think … Read more

Magnus Andersen at Neue Alte Brücke

Artist: Magnus Andersen Exhibition title: Spazzacamini Venue:  Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt, Germany Date:  March 26 – April  26, 2015 Photography:  images courtesy of the artist and Neue Alte Brücke The necessities of circumstance we turn to virtue. We have done so for as long as we can remember and thus will continue. Circumstantial necessities are realisations of … Read more