SPECIAL FEATURE: Selection of works at Independent New York

Yngve Holen at Modern Art 02
Featured Artists: Agustín Fernández, Allison Katz, Becky Suss, Borna Sammak, Bruce M. Sherman, Charline Von Heyl, Corazón del Sol, DIS, Donna Huanca, Eugenia P. Butler, Gerry Bibby, Greg Parma Smith, Hardy Hill, Joanna Malinowska, JPW3, Julien Nguyen, Kader Attia, Karl Holmqvist, Liz Glynn, Lucas Arruda, Morag Keil, Olga Balema, Pablo Bronstein, Paulo Monteiro, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Sebastian Black, Than Hussein Clark, Tom Holmes, Viktor Jopp, Yngve Holen

Venue: Independent New York, New York, US

Featured Exhibitors: Mitchell Algus, The Approach, Adams and Ollman, JTT, White Columns, Nagel Draxler, The Box, Project Native Informant, Peres Projects, Silberkuppe, David Lewis, Neue Alte Brücke, Canada, Martos, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Paula Cooper, Mendes Wood DM, Project Native Informant, Hannah Hoffman, Herald St, Maureen Paley, C L E A R I N G, VI VII, Bureau, Modern Art

Date: March 3 – 6, 2016

Photography: images courtesy of the artists, galleries and Independent New York

Allison Katz at The Approach 04
Pablo Bronstein at Herald St 03

Ellen Lesperance at Adams and Ollman

Artist: Ellen Lesperance Exhibition title: We Were Singing Venue: Adams and Ollman, Portland, US Date: September 3 – October 10, 2015 Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Adams and Ollman, Portland July 16, 2015, Portland, OR: Adams and Ollman is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with Ellen Lesperance on view September 3 through October 10, … Read more

Isaac Tin Wei Lin at ​Adams and Ollman

Artist: Isaac Tin Wei Lin Exhibition title: Chromatic Intercession Venue: Adams and Ollman, Portland, US Date: July 16 – August 15, 2015 Photography: images courtesy of the artist and Adams and Ollman, Portland June 3, 2015, Portland, OR: ​ Adams and Ollman is pleased to present a solo exhibition of  two­dimensional works by Philadelphia­based artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin. The exhibition will  be on view from July 16 through August 15, 2015.  This is the artist’s first solo exhibition  in Portland, Oregon. Drawing on sources such as Gorky, Gottlieb, and graffiti, Lin makes drawings and  paintings that are strongly graphic and formally captivating. Lin’s bold and colorful  mark­making with logographic and alphabetic elements is reminiscent of hieroglyphs, as  well as musical scores, Chinese characters and calligraphy. It is clear that language and  writing figure prominently in the work. But while his lexicon is recognizable, it is enigmatic and incomprehensible as it repeats and creates a visual cacophony—a kind of buzzing of  color and pattern—that camouflages and obfuscates the panels, photographs, walls,  clothing and found paper on which he paints and draws. On view at Adams and Ollman will be new multi­paneled paintings on panel and drawings on paper that appear as if modular as they spread out across the wall. Grouping these  panels or framed works on paper together allows for diverse thoughts, interests or  vantage points within a singular work. In this sense, Lin’s statements become a  conversation. There is a push and pull between the large arrangements and the small,  subtle experiences of the textures, colors, and gradients found within. While his paintings  place emphasis on color and pattern, Lin’s pen and ink drawings contain odd shapes with  strange gaits that read as cartoons, architecture, landscapes, plantlife. Isaac Tin Wei Lin (b. 1976) lives and works in Philadelphia. Lin’s work has been featured  in group exhibitions at numerous institutions including:  the Philadelphia Museum of Art,  … Read more

Joan Nelson and Joseph Yoakum at Adams and Ollman

Artist: Joan Nelson and Joseph Yoakum Venue:  Adams and Ollman, Portland, US Date:  June 4 – July 11, 2015 Photography: images courtesy of the artists and Adams and Ollman, Portland April 1, 2015, Portland, OR: Adams and Ollman is pleased to announce a twoperson exhibition with Joan Nelson and Joseph Yoakum. Yoakum’s animistic drawings depict places from … Read more