Stefano Calligaro at SABOT


Artist: Stefano Calligaro

Exhibition title:  All-Yo! Crypto-Phylo-s’

Venue: SABOT, Cluj, Romania

Date: March 5 – April 17, 2015

Photography: Lucian Indrei, images courtesy the artist and SABOT

*A discreet Charm
and a good Crémant to please Picard: Cryptomaniacs you’re advised!
Zalten spighel skuten zitten: – Oui! Oui! compriendo comprindo understand!
Je necesit un pen! Un marker digital pour mon meta-delight se il vous plaît! Imediatmont! aici! Essenzialmente si tratta di non oltrepassare le zone delimitate dalle linee di obliterazione personale or lets say it in English: It’s all about business and distractions.
Perennial artiquette s will be rounded with a soft green color in the late winter and spring. – Availability: twelve months a year with peaks in spring and fall.
The Artiquettes queen is here to help. Please pull off a leaf.

Rotójąca wirófka. Laboratoryjne rozszczepienie of reality. Silicon and liquid-crystal cream. Digital wellness for missing parts of our biological identity = ****k?? is this the case?
I mean: is it the case to talk about this? and what about? what about Eco-systems floating the Net
and “speak to peak”? -Directions? it seems Enjoyable “oui” Enjoyable! nous epoque, nous divertissement
,,,,PirateBay,,,,la valeur de la virgule dans la société de la digi-langue!

Artiquettes où êtes-vous?
ici, je suis ici! dans la monitor!! Gmail, ma Google Docs.

The acid thunder set ups the protest. Migration of pleasure become impossible; Bank crash! Fininito.
Caring or….magnificent, yes magnificent ladies from the Display suddenly stopped feeding sweet bytes of my .sdi, .dsi, .dpa, .dos,
.gpr, .row, .aop, .sko, .acy, .qog, .vbd, .etc Even high frequency stream of space-key is marbly re-invisible and heavy-sweetened!

oh! am I distracting you? taking your attention from the Cheers smiles?:

P-O-M P-O-M A-L-G-O-R-I-T-H-M ! P-O-M P-O-M J-U-M-P A T-W-I-S-T !

Ha! Gentlemen par excellence remember to SHAVE ALWAYS AGAINST (precisely “hair” I can say, but “soundinity” of that word is not my cup of tea)
Wikileaks to Wikipics .
Kolab Now All you Pam-Pam . Pom-Pon.
Use your skills to pay the bills.
I love tattoos. And mine symboli z e s who I really am.
Logician: A sausage has two ends.
Gentleman: I have two ends.
Logician: Then you’re a sausage.
Gentleman: So I am a sausage?
Logician: And the contrary is also true.
Transcent all these JELL-Os: [liquorice smells soo good]
agastache blue liquorice picholine blewits, blewits everywhere Lotta Lollies Tutti Frutti phthalocyanine NO ARTIFICIAL DYES
thank you TNKU!!

**A text written, edited, and mixed by Stefano Calligaro, Daria Dumitrescu and Maciej Parzydło

stefano calligaro YO1 small


stefano calligaro YO2 small

stefano calligaro YO3 small



AllYO retuche ok

AllYo retuche2

stefano calligaro YO5small

stefano calligaro YO6 small

stefano calligaro YO7 small

stefano calligaro YO12 small