Stefano Calligaro at SABOT

Artist: Stefano Calligaro

Exhibition title: PETANQFUCK

Venue: SABOT, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Date: October 6 – November 17, 2017

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and SABOT, Cluj-Napoca

Intellectual-world needs Balls.
That’s what I give to it: Rolling Knocking Balls.

Nothing else to drool about. Nothing to internalize and digest.
Nothing to re-formulate and share. Nothing worth masturbating for.
Nothing to re-post. Nothing to flag. Nothing to embrace. Nothing to enhance.
No pre-fabricated distraction.


PETANQFUCK is an arena where players – the artist himself together with other contributors – are called to discuss, debate and confront each other’s positions on subjects related to the actual state of the arts and other irrelevant banalities while simultaneously playing PETANQFUCK.

Subjects are never over-imposed but vary and deviate according to the directions offered by the dialogue itself. Like balls rolling and knocking, words are pronounced and thrown in the air without univocal purposes and directions.

PETANQFUCK is the tension between perplexities and convictions; the friction between what is being offered and our expectations.


PETANQFUCK isn’t Pétanque.
PETANQFUCK is balls rolling and knocking.
PETANQFUCK is Pétanque parasite.
PETANQFUCK doesn’t follow any rule.
PETANQFUCK freeloads Pétanque rules.
Pétanque rules are applied only to justify PETANQFUCK existence.
Pétanque rules give boules a reason to be thrown and knocked.
PETANQFUCK has no winners.
PETANQFUCK freeloads its players as well as its public’s time.
PETANQFUCK is boring, disappointing, glorious and egoistic.
PETANQFUCK is egoistic.