Stefania Batoeva and Adriano Costa at TwoHotel

Batoeva_Costa_Emalin 22

Artists: Stefania Batoeva and Adriano Costa

Exhibition title: Tia Deth

Venue: TwoHoteln, Piracanga, Brazil

Date: July, 2015

Photography: images copyright and courtesy of the artists, Emalin and TwoHoteln

Batista: So it’s 10 ml of dendê (palm oil)
Geraldine: For how much fish?
B: For 2 kilos of fish
G: Ok, go on
B: A cup of coconut milk and a cup of tomato paste
G: *mumbles to herself, confused about the cup
B: If you don’t want to use tomato paste, you can
use 3 small tomatoes – chopped together with
onions and pepper
G: Chopped with onions and pepper?
B: What else? Hm, you can add garlic too.
G: Ok. So how do you do it?
B: First, the fish goes in the pan; add the oil and
coconut milk. Then the tomatoes with the onions
and the rest; and in the end the seasoning,
green seasoning.
G: *repeats instructions for a clear recording, the
telephone connection breaks*
Thank you Batista
B: You’re welcome
G: Speak later
B: Bye

Emalin is pleased to announce Tia Deth, a presentation of new works by Stefania Batoeva and Adriano Costa. In July 2015, Stefania and Adriano travelled to Piracanga Beach in Bahia, Brazil to reside and work at TwoHotel. Constructed by the Swiss artist and friend Fabian Marti and conceived of as an artists’ guesthouse, the wooden shack has become part of Emalin’s itinerant series of exhibitions. The works produced during this time in Bahia have now come together in this joint exhibition in Camden, London.

Stefania Batoeva (b. 1981 Sofia, Bulgaria. Lives and works in London) graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2014. Recent exhibitions include Speeding to the Corner, Nicodim Gallery (Los Angeles, US, 2015); Club Caligula with Ilja Karilampi, Leslie Kulesh, Isaac Lythgoe, Supplement (London, UK, 2015); Balconia with Emanuel Röhss and Yves Scherer, Swimming Pool Projects (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015); PAUL, Sariev Contemporary (Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2014); Still No Masterplan, Almanac Projects (London, UK, 2013).

Adriano Costa (b. 1975, São Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in São Paulo) graduated from the ECA Universidade São Paulo. Recent exhibitions include Every Camel Tells a Story, Mendes Wood DM (São Paolo, 2015); Kiti Ka’ Aeté, The Modern Institute (Glasgow, UK, 2015); Draw Flying Penis/Pussy Against Gentrification, White Cubicle Toilet Gallery (London, UK, 2015); Volcano Extravaganza, Fiorucci Art Trust (Stromboli, Italy, 2015); Touch me I am geometrically sensitive, Sadie Coles HQ (London, UK, 2014); La Commedia dell’Arte, Peep-Hole (Milan, Italy, 2014); Bunkering in Paradise / The Rest of Us Just Live in It, Artuner (Turin, Italy, 2014); Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today, Guggenheim (New York, USA, 2014).

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